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BernieThere is a larger picture to behold when trying to make sense of the “Bernie or Bust,” movement, a deeper analysis to be made when attempting to decipher this phenomenon. Sadly, it’s hard to conduct such an analysis without sounding like a condescending asshole, without being a judgmental douchebag, but it must be done if one is to intelligibly expose these evil little crybabies for who they are: entitled, clueless little brats in search of a cause to call their own.

Don’t mistake my disdain for the Bernie or Bust movement for not being an admirer of Bernie Sanders and his political revolution. If you think I’m against Bernie, then you probably don’t know that I’m a guy who’s loved Bernie’s ideology since I first saw him on TV as a guest of Real Time with Bill Maher, versus a pile of clueless millennials who, up until 18 months ago, had never heard of Bernie Sanders; much less what it means to be a Socialist-Democrat.

To be perfectly clear, the Bernie or Bust movement was never part of Bernie’s revolution. Simply put, they’re a bunch of trend seekers who for much of their lives ignored politics because they thought it wasn’t cool enough for them. These are the folks who thought voting was pointless because, “you know…votes don’t count anyway and everybody sucks.” In fact, their attitude toward Bernie Sanders yesterday during the convention, their attitude toward anything or anyone who spoke in pro of Hillary, shows you how little they know about the electoral process and how politically pathetic they are.

To be honest, I recognize the Democratic National Committee (DNC) showed clear and blatant favoritism toward the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the recently leaked emails are proof of said bias, but the fact is no one on Bernie’s camp has been able to prove any wrongdoing on the part of the DNC that prevented Bernie Sanders from winning the party’s nomination. As a Bernie Sanders’ supporter, I know and understood that he didn’t have as big a name recognition as Hillary Clinton; someone who’s been in the national limelight for over 30 years. The truth is, Bernie appealed to a certain section of the population, even though his progressive message was, for the most part, clearer than that of Hillary Clinton. At the end of the day, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders -not-so- fairly, but squarely.

I voted for Bernie Sanders in the North Carolina primary elections, but I always intended to accept Hillary as an outcome of the electoral process because I knew it was likely to happen. I preferred Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton because his message has always resonated with me, not because I thought he was a superior politician than Hillary. I never took the campaign jabs between Bernie and Hillary too seriously because I’m an observer of politics and I knew these things were normal. I was able to acknowledge when Hillary won a debate, when Bernie wasn’t on his A game, and when he made some gaffes during the campaign. I understood and acknowledged the imperfections in some of Bernie’s campaign promises because, contrary to the Bernie or Bust people, I’M NOT A FUCKING MORON.

With all that said, I contend that Bernie Sanders’ refusal to endorse Hillary Clinton once she became the presumptive nominee only emboldened the Bernie or Bust movement. So in that respect, Bernie created the monster which took over and almost boycotted the Democratic National Convention’s first day in Philadelphia. Bernie, as any human being, went on a little ego trip toward the end of the primary process and refused to acknowledge he’d lost; perhaps in an attempt to have more leverage in the writing of the Party’s platform prior to the convention, but he didn’t understand that a minor percentage of his movement was composed by politically moronic, entitled, know-nothings who are accustomed to get their way by screaming and kicking. 

By the time Bernie Sanders decided to come forward with his endorsement to Hillary it almost didn’t matter any longer, and if you ask me why; I have two answers for you: Elizabeth Warren and Obama endorsed Hillary before Bernie did. So Just like that, Bernie’s endorsement became almost meaningless; which is why it didn’t have as big of a media coverage as Elizabeth Warren’s and Obama’s did.  It seems as though Bernie himself knew what kind of monster he had crated and why he needed to be the one to tame them. Immediately after his endorsement, the Bernie or Bust movement turned against the man they claimed to champion thereby revealing how this generation of newly enlightened political activists is made up by a bunch of bratty millennials, entitled Gen Xers, and some slightly senile Baby boomers.

Forgive the name calling, but this time I’m making an exception, as these Bernie or Bust folks can’t be described in any other way. On Monday, these folks made life miserable for pretty much every single speaker who spoke on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, including Bernie, the man they claim to love. Earlier that day Bernie attempted to appease them with one of his rousing stump speeches, telling them basically he had accepted the final results of the primary process by endorsing Hillary Clinton, yet his speech was met with intense jeers and unbelievably disrespectful boos. Think about this for a moment; the man you claim was cheated on, the man you’re adamantly demanding should be the Democratic nominee for the presidency is telling you, “I’m done fighting, I want peace now,” and your response to him is “Fuck you, we want you!” and you expect anyone to take you seriously? You have made an ass of yourself pretty much the entire night by interrupting and booing every speaker who stood on stage and mentioned the name of Hillary Clinton. You’ve made a mockery of the process to which you chose to be a delegate; you refused to accept the conditions by which delegates are supposed to abide at the convention all because you didn’t get your way, yet you expect to be taken you seriously?

At the end of the night Bernie Sanders, again, delivered a speech in which he laid out all the phenomenal gains his political campaign; his revolution had achieved for the progressive wing of the Party. Sanders pointed out the many reasons Hillary Clinton is amply qualified to be president of the United States, saying: “Based on her leadership and qualifications, Hillary Clinton must be the next president of the United states,” yet when the cameras panned out toward the Bernie supporters some of them reacted as though the man had stabbed them in the heart. All I could think of was what a ridiculous bunch of sad political hooligans!

One woman was asked if she was ready to embrace the message of party unification and she said she wasn’t because she had followed Bernie’s campaign for more than a year, and wasn’t ready to let go. Another one said she would do whatever Bernie asked her to do, but when asked whether she’d vote for Hillary Clinton in November she said she hadn’t heard anything about Hillary’s qualifications to be president; which I found completely laughable given the fact that Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, the First Lady Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders, and many other had just spent the past six hours explaining Hillary’s qualifications back and forth. I remember another woman, delegate from Texas, who couldn’t intelligibly state her quarrels with Hillary Clinton, or her candidacy; yet when asked if she was ready to vote for Hillary, she said Hillary’s campaign hadn’t yet made any efforts to speak to the Bernie voters. Another said she’d vote for the Green Party because that was a suitable option, as opposed to Hillary Clinton. At that point, I concluded one could have a more fruitful conversation with an inanimate object than with a Bernie or Bust person.

I started this journey as a Bernie supporter and I’ve been a Bernie supporter pretty for as long as I’ve lived in the United States. I was glad Bernie decided to run, I was happy to see how his campaign, which had been dismissed by the media from the moment it was launched, became a huge phenomenon. I proudly voted for Bernie in my state primary, even though by then, it was all but sure that Hillary would be the nominee. Above all, I vote Democrat and I’m glad Bernie Sanders came around and endorsed Hillary Clinton, and since I’m all for Bernie and he is with her; therefore, I’m with her.



  1. Steven

    Whoever wrote this stupid article have no clue what he/she is talking about, and is a complete self centered moron who sees him/herself as a know it all. However, your rant just shows that you are clueless and know nothing. I’m 46 years old, I work full time, my wife and I own 2 houses, we have 4 kids, 3 cars and we have never received any kind of help from anyone in our adult life. So, for you to suggest that Bernie or Bust movement are just entitled millennials and people looking for freebies is complete nonsense. The majority of us are people who are awake (unlike you) and are tired of this 2 parties corrupted system that is destroying the country. LIke you I used to be a brainwashed sheep who believed all the BS and propaganda I watched on the MSM, and like you I used to defend the Democrats and the Clinton and even voted for that lying, criminal, cheat in the 2008 primaries. But for the last 8 years I’ve been educating myself and thank God I can say now that I’m no longer a sheep (something you can’t say) For you to say that there is no evidence that the DNC rigged the primaries in favour of Hillary just show how clueless and a big a moronic sheep you are. Listen up bozo, unlike you I actually took the time to read many of them emails and they are very disgusting. I have no clue what race you are, but if you are black, Jew or Hispanic you should get off of your rear and read some of the emails. They are racist, xenophobic, and disgusting. I challenge you to go and read them, so you learn the truth and stop being a brainwashed sheep. You will also see how Debbie Wasserman bribed the media, specially MSNBC, NBC and others including some people from CNN. You will also see how the DNC made fun of Bernie, his supporters and how they rigged the entire process from day 1. Of course that the corrupted media is not going to expose itself. What world do you live in? Don’t you have any common sense? Go read the emails so you wake up, and stop writing stupid rants like this.

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